Photographic Diptych, archival pigment print
12"x12" images on 20"x30" sheet; and 16"x16"images on 24"x40" sheet

This is a series I have been working on for almost twenty years - on and off. Some years I don't do any, others - like a couple of years ago when I traveled to Nova Scotia I engaged intensively with the project. The series is based on the drawings made by snails on the wet sand in the inter-tidal zone. They are part of an ongoing series of works involving collaboration between the snails and me. I choreograph the snails’ starting positions, and then photograph the marks they make over time. I tend to think of the snail pieces as a metaphor for the order we establish in our lives, and how the element of chance enters in to shape the result -regardless of how much we attempt to structure it. The works are usually in time sequences of two images made over a period of twenty to thirty minutes. Editions of ten
Snail Drawings Series