Six Round and Six Long Ponds
Pigment Print on Rag Paper

It is said that there are over three-hundred and fifty ponds on Cape Cod. Typically these are small kettle ponds formed by the receding glaciers in the last ice age. They are often in wooden areas and in spite of the Cape's famous saltwater beaches, many residents prefer them as favorite swimming spots. On the Outer Cape a number of communities sprouted up around the ponds- especially in Wellfleet. A number of well-known architects built iconic modernist houses around them and gathered families and friends there during the summer season.

I have always been fascinated by both their shapes and their names. Most are quite small with crystal clear fresh water. Their shapes are very varied and their names recall something of their history of ownership or shape or fauna.

In this series I have used topographic maps to scan ponds and have represented them in these pieces with their names while also maintaining their scale to one another and their cardinal orientation in most cases. They are produced as archival inkjet prints in small editions.
Ponds Series